Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the FAQs related to the Case Management program.

Case Management services are provided FREE OF CHARGE.
We operate in, and serve residents of, nine counties in Western Pennsylvania. For a complete list of locations and contact information, click here.
Your privacy is important to us. The Case Management program is required by law to protect your confidentiality, which means we can never release information about you unless you sign a consent to release form.
We focus on the individual’s goals, which vary from person to person. We prioritize what our clients think is important, not what we think is important.
It doesn’t matter if you have no interest in going to rehab. If you want to come in for Case Management services, we will gladly see anyone.
We will answer all questions and concerns and suggest a plan based on what you want to do. You’re never forced into anything. It’s always the client’s choice on what they want to do.
Within our Case Management program there is no stigma. You’re coming into a completely confidential provider. You’ll be greeted by individuals who are happy to see you and it is always a judgment-free zone.
Yes. We can help our clients basically do anything, and if we can’t find the answer, we will work on pointing you to the right resource.
We understand that traveling to an unfamiliar place can be intimidating. Our staff can assist with the coordination of travel arrangements to ensure safe arrival and departure to and from any of our facilities.
Yes. Case Management is available at any point in the recovery process. You could be actively using substances, in treatment or completely in recovery, we are available at any point.